When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother "what will i be"

i want to write, but what do i want to write about?

i am a law student, but i don't want to reduce my writing to standard forms

i am writing an article for a fashion & lifestyle magazine, but I don't want to write about jason wu and derek lam.

i am reading a book about personal love experiences written by a local chinese author, but i don't want to publicize my pain

I read an article from the guardian this morning, in response to Kony 2012. Its full of quotes and arguments from different perspectives. Full of criticisms and insights. It didn't convey any message, it is just selectively informative.

That. is what i want to write about.

but I can't be a journalist. no i can't go out there in uganda writing about another person's plight. because i just came home from a half-hour taxi ride and I already want to throw my stomach away.

what you want is often something you don't need.

there are two things I will do:

1. finish e-mailing my interviewees about my style tribe piece.

2. email my comments to the new mediation bill that would be commented by the legislative council.

remember, it is dangerous to muddle emotion with work.

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