there is only one reality

the first emotion that came to my mind when i finished reading haruki murakami's 1Q84 is


why can the protagonist try to implant this idea of the importance of making reality a one-dimensional statement. and haruki murakami made it sound like a caution sign.

to me, it sound like

"beware, there is only one reality"

what about the other dimensions? the music? the love? the colours?

what about our tainted perceptions, the morality of different cultures?

i am a true unbeliever of universality

but then, now as i progress along the book.

i think i took it too seriously

and out of context.

and i tainted the statement with my own emotions. moral values. prejudice (yet again)

i think all he wanted to convey is

"don't try to make anything more than it should be"

and to me,

it is

to let makeup be make up, clothes be clothes, art for arts sake

and if law is what governs our survival

I guess it is only reasonably legitimate

to invest more time and effort into completing my degree

like it or not,

it meant more than makeup and clothes.

maybe not family

but not anything less.

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