" good afternoon, I didn't know what to say"

say, there is indeed a huge load of consistencies between marx and us, chinese.

often i need to let my brain breathe a little after 2 intense hours of marx and webber brainwash.
believe me, when at some point of the lecture, I kind of got carried away and had this little thinking that my scottish lecture is planting some sort of seed of revolution into our little cramped minds.

nevermind, no one will be bothered to react, there are too much deadlines. I ignored my thought.

but its tremendously fulfilling what I received this morning on legal theories. I wondered why the law faculty did not try to put this way before we start all the contract law and tort law and commercial law

it would at least make more sense.

ok, so i am trying to let my brain breathe

so i texted someone important and all i said was

" good afternoon, I didn't know what to say"

I hope it is not too much for today.

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