comments on kony 2012

shared this one my facebook page at 9:30 p.m. HKT 10/3/2011

read this at 5:15 a.m. HKT 11/3/2011:

watched this after reading the above

this maybe my first post on commenting on newstrend, but i'll explain myself

I was first attracted to the video because i saw numerous friends sharing it on facebook.

I have no idea who kony is, and have no interest in knowing

until i finally have the time between dinner and my readings to actually watch it

I am annoyed that it takes me almost half-an-hour.

my initial response?

It is exactly the same issue i reaserched on for my model united nations speech in March 2009 in the last year of my high school in Li Po Chun United World College.

I did two things: 1. I shared it on my facebook 2. I sent the link to one of my friends who did the research on LRA with me 3 years ago.

Then I randomly read another comment on one of my facebook friends page, in which he laments about how dramatic visual and audio effects became the new propaganda. Another friend commenting that " I seriously fail to see how military action can really help the situation. they wanna get rid of kony, and somehow bypass his children army? the very people we aim to protect. ironic." and " this 'non-profit organization' only uses some 30%(?) of their funds raised to directly support the cause"

then one of my facebook friend who is currently doing a journalism major in city unviersity of London posted the post on Guardian.

then I watched the link on "response on kony 2012"

and i stumbled across the trailer on "girl scout", which I find interesting as I can see the kony effect but in another context.


I wanted to comment on a comment made by the blogger from Uganda who made the response video to Kony 2012.

"We recognise the situations, we know what they are, it's not everybody's responsibility to come and rescue us. We're not babies. We have to rise ourselves otherwise we'll always be the dependants"

"uganda is not defined by kony"

I concur that one country is, and should, never be defined by its shame. It is not one thing that makes up one huge place. and no one would like to be identified by their shame.

I also concur that involving is not a necessary condition for aiding. Partial, rational, and professional involvement can utmost help create the necessary circumstances for the fragile, the weak to help themselves.

and on long term developement, an impartial individual will be a globalized forum, as unimpartial as can be, it is still their duty to mobilize practical international support to solve international issues.

the mediator should be a third party. and that third party should not give advise and should not commence actual action in any resort.

I begin to understand why political activists are overated, and why democracy is not the catalyst for happily-ever-after.

I am happy that the invisible children group made their point, but they should be careful in terms of dealing with the audience, especially partially informed young adults like me.

The awareness should be raised as informative as can be. and at least include a few more quotes from different perspectives. I do not feel comfortable if something merely makes me shed tears and feel sensational

rational educated young adults should not base their acts on emotional influences.

this is something I have yet to learn.

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