until then

The idyllic week in dubai was an escape, as well as a literal full stop,

To the denial the rebellion the unnecessary pain

They say dreamers spend too much time dwelling on imaginary torture

Always fooled themselves in thinking theres way more to what is already seemingly true

Sometimes somethings are no more than a hault, a breath, a sigh

But there are some other things, which deserve the pained endurance of time

Under the moonlit path, she spoke so carelessly of the unspoken

“can you believe that she’s gone?”

I rummaged the clean brisky air for an answer

“it felt like yesterday when she left the house, the last dinner we had, when she called about the cake design. We all hoped she’ll just get it over with. Are we being a little too harsh?”

for a minute, I don’t know what to say

its not guilt, its not melancholy. Its just a plain truth.

“I think we’ll have to get used to the absent extra birthday cake.”

Sometimes, I think our minds and body know better of themselves than we do of them

We should not spend time on telling our mind when to stop thinking

Or our body when to stop eating

Maybe we just need to focus more on survival

The ultimate time killer

Until then,

With love.

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