this is not a joke. So please start smiling

he said
helpless is when
you can't wake up from a nightmare

i thought
hopeless is when
you are too sad you don't know how to love

we both lost something
someone important in our lives
is it the sudden emptiness that defines the pain
or the lack of love of smiles of hugs
the confusion of tangible nostalgia that should be exposed, but refrained?

love is a hanging petal of a rose
too beautiful to touch
too beautiful just to watch
from a distance
and the moment the contact is made
it fell, all signs of life waived

in another time
or another space
i'll hold you
and maybe, should have told you
thank you for only leaving trials
of laughter

that day i dropped you off at your place
the first time i drove
you sat frozen in the passenger seat
i saw you left
i secretly wanted to rush home
you secretly peeped through the gate
we secretly hoped that it would be the beginning of new days

Thank you
you taught me how to love.

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