i'll be found.

don't try too hard
don't drop too hard
don't ask why

because what goes around comes around
because they didn't tell you
growing up
is a personal war
its you and you alone

they who came and gone
should be left where they belong
it's just kind of fortunate
that you were there for him when he was there for you


i use to think
its stupid to cry
for the same thing
(maybe a different person)
over and over again

then some song came along
told me
its a luxury
yes tearing is a luxury
feeling is a luxury

happy, hurt
hurt, happy
i tried to fix everyone of them
wishing i could someday fix myself

are we broken?
how broken?
so broken even love
love of any kind
can't put us back together again?

thankyou for sharing this moment
for walking into my life
because of you and you and you and you
i feel that the long road ahead
is not that winding after all

how can you be found
when you aren't once lost?

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