take me to whimsical land

same scene
laughed like nothing ever happened
its not always too late to apologize
nothing changed when every things changing
the world is relative
so is love

its never easy
for one to be with the other during the hardest times
when you are so versatile when everyone speaks the worst out you
when only she believed in the person she met
i didn't have the courage to listen to my heart
instead, like all others
i live by hearsay
don't be sorry. I am sorry.
maybe another time

but you know me he knows me like i know myself
maybe understanding is not the sprout of love
its just a brutally true realization
that its time to be a better person

where on earth can i find another person
to sleep under the stars with me again
he did
we did

he said he didn't like to be in that foreign place love can't save him, nor does two years time
I want to hold his dear face
cut his throat look into his eyes
its your choice
be a man
don't dare to break her heart
because mine died once when she left

life is not a derivative of wants
its a chain of needs
i still believe
when one day i stopped living for myself
when its time to share the love
we'll all become beautiful

lets sit down and talk to the moon
let the owls sleep
let the world go on
and take you with it

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