i see

its funny how your mind clear itself in the mornings

these days it seemed to have gone through years

when i was asleep

so everyday i opened my eyes

to another long denied truth

something i have chosen in indeliberately, to stay blind to

or deliberately to rummage for in the confusion of youth

somethings like

the little bruises he got when he scratched himself on the uneven wallpaper

yesterday when he couldn't walk in a straight line, anymore.

I was too held up in the clouds to have noticed.

somethings like

the lingering look i threw at him

when we bid farewell in the car

when he didn't return one of a similar kind

and i still thought the kiss goodbye's

a lot sweeter than it should be

somethings like

i thought i'll be one of the girls who'll get through all the love, unhurt

though wrong way-ed, praying the somebody who said theres a price to pay for every happiness is another rambler

somehow suddenly,

they fell into place

the eyes once i've tried so hard to open

opened themselves

a little too wide on this early chinese new year morning

so little girls

when they said you've grown up a little too early

it's definitely not a compliment.

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