and then i go spoil it all by saying something stupid like i love you

i feel like i'm going back there again
but this time
i will not fear my own cowardice
i wont succumb
wont let the dark days repeat themselves
if you care to open your windows
it still felt like summer
(thank you global warming)

my mother told me
"these days, there aren't many things to be happy about"
which lead me to think
what actually made me happy
"therefore, all i care about, is food." - she added
good point made - food never lie. its one of the very few things which never fail to offer you this instantaneous feeling of so-flyness.
for me, its like a brick of L'affineur cheese on a few slices of 5-grain wheat bread and an excessive cup of soy milk (sugarless, s'il vous plaît)

so everyday at 7 in the morning, my mother busied herself in the hustle and bustle of the local market, too much like a pollinating bee popping her brunette head in search of the best crabs from yeungsheng lake, the all-time-favourite bitter "ancient-gold-fish" (金古魚) (credits to google translate), the choi-sum that's in-season, sometimes substitute it with my fav dish: steamed eggplant with raisins. occasionally some tofu, or tomato pan-fried with egg.

my turn to give a little sneak peek into my daily eating habits.
oh, it's pretty simple actually.
usually for lunch i'll have homemade soba noodles with hokkaido imported soya sauce, a little wasabi and laver (紫菜). oops did i skip breakfast? breakfast will be a piece (or two) of soft raisin bread dipped in soy milk...(hmm just the sound of it excites me heehee) plus an apple/ blueberries alternatively.
dinner, well. as above.
after-dinner, we usually have fruits. my favourite? apple and bluberries. i hope you don't find it too surprising :)

my favourite dessert: HMMMM this is highly confidental

(but nevermind, nothing's too highly confidental these days with facebook and youtube all over the place)

I DIE :)

see? food always make one feel dancy and fluttery and happy despite all the shit in life
of course,
accompanied by the right music.

so today, with wutever dish you are having now/later/in the evening (depending on your timezones and whereabouts)
i present you with your background music:

bon appetite.

p.s. i realise i placed the clip at the end of the post, which destroyed the entire aim of making you all feel happy reading about the post WITH the music.
i'd like you to chew on the words as if this is a new dish presented by chef de 'elen. WITH
la musique.

so. follow the following instructions:
1. click "play"
2. scroll to the top
3. chew on the words and taste the bonheur of life


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