to my future husband,

i will try to understand if you are unhappy from work

if someone try to make you feel small

smaller than you really are.

i won't mind if you cut your sentence a little too harshly, put down your cup a little too loudly, said you are too tired to talk.

i will try to make home a comfortable shelter for you, a little getawat place away from the storm of emotions and noise out there

i will try to make myself a cheerful cherry, light up your day, remind you that you'll be charged with love and positivism so you are armed against the world

i may not be able to do all the above everyday

but i want to let you know these are my resolutions

and all i ask for in return

is not to make me littler than I already am

lets build this little heaven together

and don't destroy it with your meaness.

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