to anonymity

"to anonymity"

"why is there blood in my heels?"

"tell me if it isnt true: now everyone knows everyone on the patio."

"i like u, but..."

"there's always too much cake but not enough icecream"

"thank you for thinking"

"what are we?"

i wish our hug's tighter our kiss' sweeter we meant more than just a pile of fading memories
i wish you understand how sad it is to me
when i say i start to not remember
which part of your emporio armani jacket smells best

you said you only remembered bits and pieces of the nights
I replayed the scenes for 13 hrs straight on my ride back from london
fearful that once i stopped remembering
the memories will change
you will change
we will change

if it's confusion that fuelled our curious souls
then please spare me the answer.

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