....leave the hurt behind

the applause faded, though still ringing too vividly in thy ears
for once, the chill of the london nites didn't catch me by surprise
the heart is still warm, no, still burning with the intensity
of a love so strong
words so pure
love never dies.

once upon another time,
two girls, hand in hand, mesmerized with some truth so crystal clear
masked under some singing so simply splendid
i can almost see
a smile of understanding
lightening up the moonless sky
love never dies.

after the curtain falls,
i'm just a little girl with a fragile heart
he asked "why me"
he said "its too easy for you to say love"
oh boy,
listen with your heart
and not with your ears
listen to what i'm saying, please don't let my words fool you
if only,
if only...
if only -
you were there
andrew lloyd webber would tell you
everything i can't
and since you can't be there:

"Love is a curious thing
it often comes disguised.
Look at Love the wrong way,
It goes unrecognised."

"So look with your heart,
and not with your eyes,
The heart understands,
the heart never lies
Believe what it feels
and trust what it shows."

"Look with your heart
The heart always knows
Love is not always beautiful
Not at the start."

"So open your arms
And close your eyes tight
Look with your heart
And when it finds love
Your heart will be right"

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