a wandering mind

it was just supposed to be a causal stroll
through those words that once constructed my teeny universe
did words grew less effective
or did my world simply grew bigger

some dreams died, to make way for life
its easier that way.
though i am quite wrong. because everything only gets a little more difficult.
to smile to cry
everything seem to matter a little less
because there are others who meant much more

sometimes, just a very minute bit of moment
i wonder what really happened
i felt guilty for disrupting his world
i had my fair share of fun
and my equally fair share of pain
we are left bruised and confused
of whats awaiting

it would be more beautiful if its simpler
if you delve too deep
you'll just find yourself with a handful of nothingness
so stop where its still sweet and simple

these days
the only thing that still gives me goosebumps
tis the lingering feeling of that embrace

if you need sth to kick start the morning...i am here

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